Thursday, September 24, 2009

Li Edelkoort's 'wish list' at pierre berge & associes from

I'm interning at Edelkoort Tren Union this semester, and just saw one of Li's forecasting presentations for the first time. Breath taking, inspiring, precise. Can't wait to meet her in December.

This is a modern art auction curated by her. This is what she said:

"the world is focused on design and the discipline is gaining importance everyday.
the auction house concept encourages and defends this young market of autonomous pieces,
giving opportunities to the one-of-a-kind or vintage industrial to become the new object
of desire for collectors. design takes its place next to art and is quickly becoming
the discipline of this century. consumers will access design in a new way, and acknowledge
not only the function, but also the investment value of objects and develop an emotional
connection with them. with this growing enthusiasm for form, we will begin conceiving
our homes and studios in a more artistic way with connoisseur connotations...
our homes becoming an atelier, gallery or even a private museum."
- LE

To see all the images and info on the artists:

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